Serious Sneer

by Tires

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Let's all stay in love. Or not.


released May 30, 1966

Rachel, Peter and James



all rights reserved


Tires London, Ontario

nice job trying to quarantine the past

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Track Name: Serious stuff
With half joking eyes
I sort of lied to him
In saying I collected tin
In saying I cared too much
In saying I was serious

Subtlety is key
It’s twice as funny
When the jokes are all for me
When he believes I’m legit
When I can still shoot the shit

Toying with a friendly soul
His tone turning uncomfortable
No talking about serious stuff
Alienated into more fluff
Track Name: Pimples popped
She’s looking good with pimples popped
With visible scars and confidence
And puss
She looks boss

Suspended in same old shit, I wish I was cold
I was spotted when she called
Over the the phone
Was shown my tone
I’m adequately shown
By a face that’s frozen

There’s a ton of light covering the lame
It’s just my eyes that are mundane
I say let me be
More than apathy
I say it’s easy
I need to grip easi-
-er, than I’m holding
It’s cold and unfeeling
Track Name: I couldn't console
He came with sweat in his eyes
Came with a book that wasn’t dry
Came totally, totally fried
Saying, reconcile, I can’t reconcile, I

Can’t, the lack of free will
In a, in a deterministic world
View, there are no higher thoughts fill-
-ing days up to be meaningful
I couldn’t console

I left that night frightened
I know, I know I’m never that impassioned
With things so seemingly unimposing
With things besides sexual frustration

Obsessive thoughts certain, certainly
Define the person one will be
Makes revolutionaries laced with urgency
Makes the dead beats dream
There’s not much to me
Track Name: My new shirt
Forth, onto to my shirt is jam
It’s sweeter than I am
I went with a guy to buy a new shirt
Seeing a girl, he didn’t ask to flirt

Handsomely in the nearest mirror
I saw a girl and stared for
Hours, I couldn’t get her tamed
My new shirt was still stained

I ripped her head off in my dreams
We were the same, she didn’t scream
Track Name: Summer song
Surf’s up
This board is part of my head
The sun’s just setting fire to someone else’s house
While my mind’s just chewing up a mouse

Ten times
A week, I can’t stop a worm
But the germaphobe have had their turn
They know obsession killed the relationship they earned

This will
Happen time and time again
Death will march coldly in
Inanimate objects can’t binge
With half a mind I’ll pretend

Then I’ll say that I knew

But it doesn’t mean that any of this ends
Track Name: I want to live in a swamp
Said my dad, of
Said my dad, of murmur
In my day it sounded murkier

I want to live
In a swamp with essence
With thick days, that are their own merit
With sick days, payed
Stuck to some
Thing that’s stuck

There is mythology
In the South and Athens
But I don’t know who did my city’s painting

I know its not
Worth more of the holidays
Separate’s real, but there’s allure to community
Hard work days, paved
By obnox-
-ious family

I’m there now
But by dawn
I’ll want to
Be alone

Kill a bit
But I’m made by background noise
There’s always merit
Track Name: My flesh
I’m watching TV
In a small home
With a big screen
There’s love for me

All in demand
Of knowing who I am

Kids I might have
I’m an implant as
Their hands are shed
I am lived

Painting their home
In their own code
I want them
To love my ends

Grant me the wish
To know what my flesh is
Track Name: The smoker and the boast
Annoyed with the smoke, I ask what
The lodging costs sit at
Nice guy finishes his sec-
-ond pack, he now regrets

Fire alarm batteries in the
Remote for the TV
I think they’re all dumb
On the show’s ‘bout addiction

“Cheap as shit”, he laughs, “luckily
It makes shit easy”
Puts the butt out, com-
-fortably, he also shits on them

We flip to watching an up tight guy
Being played for laughs, I
Know he doesn’t like the crude
Bar he’s placed into

I say, “I could write better in my sleep”
He yawns and agrees
I think, “you’re in denial”
But I yawn as well

I admit I’m the one I love the most
To me that is a boast
He thinks that’s not great
We stay in tense stale mate